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Platz da

Hey guys, You may know that I'm a big fan of hip hop music and the fact that I just love discovering new artists drove me to write this post about this awesome song that I stumbled upon YouTube. I may now know German, but the beat of this tune is so cool and the bass is exhilarating ! It reminds me of French Montana. I would love to hear a 100% version in English as well.  What do you think? Should I use it as a vid soundtrack of my usual outfit posts? 🙋

Found at:

So very caj

Hey guys, Yes, I know, it's like 1am over here, but I'm still standing, and when I say standing, I really mean it as I had the most ( I would say horrifying but the moment was so brief that I'm not in shock or anything, so I'm gonna say weird maybe) weird(?) experience. Now it's gonna sound crazy, but I always had these thoughts in my head like, what if, when I was on the highway, something would fall of a big truck and hit me just like that? I know it's quite Final Destination thoughts, but today it kinda happened. I was on my way to Press Days Antwerp, with my boyfriend and I was sitting in the right seat and out of nowhere, this big metal bar was coming at me, like very movie-like. Obviously my reaction was to duck, but "luckily" it avoided was so close ! If it were to break the window, I think I wouldn't have been writing to you now. The car got hit on the side though and it has a nasty mark now ...well, the bright side it's not t…


Hi guys, Hope you all had a fab weekend. I was super busy with gym lately. My future 30s are starting to show all around my body. What did you do this weekend? I'm happy to be back with a new outfit post today ! The weather is just dreadful over here and it's nearly impossible to shoot spring looks right now :(

What I wore: - Zaful floral blouse - Asos jeans - H&M bodysuit - Zara shoes - H&M bag - Zaful necklace

Really hope you like the look, sweeties! I have to hurry up and help my hubby in the kitchen with the pancakes now :)
Kisses, R.

Subeme la radio

Hi guys, Sorry for being MIA these last few days, but the weather here is just dreadful and I have mostly magnificent spring looks prepared to share with you. I really do hope this weather will come around cause all I want to do is lay in bed and watch (re-watch that is) TV series...😣😒 We would really need some sun right about now !  Anyway, I did managed to put something together that is both trendy and accurate for this weather.

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers jacket - Zara sweater - Zara jeans - Timberland boots - Sacha Shoes satchel 


Hey guys, How is everything? I've been quite busy lately, but really glad that I have the change to bring you yet another ootd post ! I'm really intrigued by unicolor outfits, especially when you can use such a lovely color like the one I'm using today. This beautiful shade of blue is just heavenly ! I did, however, "broke" the linear course of the look by using a lilac bag, just to add something else to the whole masterpiece :)

What I wore: Lookbook Store dress - Poppy Lovers coat - Zara shoes - New Look bag
So, what do you think about this soft Spring look? :)
Kisses, R.

Can't stop the feeling

Hi guys, I really hope you are all having a lovely day. I spent the day with the family again and I couldn't be more happy.I'm getting physically ready for tomorrow and my Flemish courses that I didn't do in awhile now. I have a new outfit post for you ! Such a casual cute look, rocking some fringed booties as well.

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers sweater dress - Sam Edelman boots - Amy Gee jacket - Pepe Jeans clutch
I do hope you like the look, guys! 
Kisses, R.

Happy Easter !

Hello sweeties, First of all I want to wish you a very Happy Easter and because we're celebrating today this beautiful holiday, I thought I should really get dressed for the occasion choosing a whole red look ! I'm wearing my gorgeous Closet London dress alongside my amazing Kadell Lady bag ! A totally must for this spring. 

What I wore: - Closet London button up dress - Mango shoes - Kadell Lady bag

Really hope you like the look, guys!  Hope to be back soon :)

Kisses, R.