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Hello sweeties, I'm in a little break now before I hit the gym and I really wanted to write a small piece on a favorite subject of mine - shoes ! I know I'm not the only one shoe-crushing all over the place and so, I wanted to share with you some monthly favorites from my fave designers :D These are all from the new collections and we're starting off with Charlotte Olympia -

This time I have only two favorites:
 - the Charlotte Olympia Capri Cats Espadrilles- the Charlotte Olympia Kiss Me Dolores Pumps
I usually like so much Charlotte Olympia, but it may be that I'm in a different groove this year that only these two pairs seemed attractive for me. :) And now for my favorite designer of the year...uh, should I say that? Well, yes, because it's true.. Aquazzura makes AMAZING shoes <3 and here are my faves for this month:

1.Aquazzura - Byzantine Gladiator Sandals2. Aquazzura  - Pon Pon Sandals 3.Aquazzura - Amazon Pumps 4. Aquazzura -  Wild Thing Sandals 5. Aquazzura …

Oups, I did it again!

FR: Bonjour chères lectrices,  Aujourd'hui je vais quand même essayer un peu mon français en espérant qu'elle est pas expirée, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, il faut juste aller plus bas dans la page pour l'anglais. :)  Bon, on vois bien que le météo n'es pas terrible et je veux pas vous mentir, mais j'ai pris un coup du froid aujourd'hui...Au moins ca valait la peine car j'avais la chance de porter une super tenue composée de mon blazer de chez Marie& Frisco, ainsi que ma belle robe (aussi de chez Marie&Frisco). Ce mix allait très bien avec ma nouvelle paire de chaussures qui vient de chez Sacha Shoes. Je peux dire que la nouvelle collection des chausseurs femme chez eux c'est vraiment super cool ! Ce que j'aime le plus c'est évidement les chausseurs qui jouent sur la couleur vert-olive. Je peux dire que c'est ma couleur préférée de cet saison! Evidement, j'avais choisi ma paire des chausseurs en franges car vous le connaissez trè…

I'd love to change the world

Hi guys, We're in the last days of this month...even though this year one extra day, it seems that it's still not enough..time is flying and all I can think is the amount of time we spend working and stressing out while others take advantage of every single minute. Not fair right? I have some luck being able to do what I love for a living. (well, partially, but still great) Anyway, I have a minimalistic outfit today that I know you'll totally love ! I know I love my cool sweater from SheIn <3 - so easy to style and so comfy to wear! Definitely a big thumbs up!

What I wore: - SheIn sweater ( find it here) - Zara leggings - YOYOMELODY sneakers ( find them here)

If you're wondering about the flowers behind - they were planted, it's still freezing outside, but there is a way the sun shines that makes you think spring is on the way...very far, but on the way :) See ya tomorrow! Kisses, R.
My crush video:

Up on yellow

Hi guys, I had such a busy period lately that I don't manage to have more free time. I so want to do daily outfits and so, but I barely can have a few moments free. Yesterday I spent all day shooting some swimwear and today I had also a full day, but I told myself that I must upload something. If you think about it, I have about 5 years of fashion ideas and street style...that's a lot!  Anyway, today's look is more brighter...let's say a try for a spring look :). I'm wearing my cozy Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt and a pair of Zara jeans that I have since forever, my super cute fringed booties from Sam Edelman (that can be found at Shopbop) and a fringed bag that works just perfect !

What I wore: - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt ( find it here) - Zara pants - Sam Edelman boots ( find them here) - Men at Work fringed bag  
Hope you like the post and I'll be back tomorrow with more :) Kisses, R.

Dresswe Anniversary Sale

Hello sweeties, I don't know about you, but I'm so eager to put this awful winter weather behind and just take advantage of summer and all its perks. I can imagine that some of you might have weddings coming up this summer. Either you're a braid, a bridesmaid, a simple guest or a family member, you always seek to look good and find that perfect dress. Well, in that case, I have some really good news for you! TheDresswe anniversary saleis up ! I think you can remember the shop's name from my awesome formal looks I did awhile ago. And if you remember that, well, you remember that they have amazing dresses for special occasions (as well as wedding shoes, wedding clutches, etc). Point being is that you should totally give them a visit and check out some amazing stylish dresses that you pull you out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, I've decided to make a little selection of my own that I would love to share with you. You know I'm a sucker for wedding dresses although th…

I wanna be yours

Hi guys, Well, I guess that lately I've been somehow absent from my blog, but nonetheless, I'm back and more prepared than ever to bring you awesome outfit posts on a daily basis! It was rather difficult to do everything as I had traveled a lot lately :). Anyway, I hope you like this great look for today (that I actually shot yesterday), but didn't had the time to post it. I did a super chic combo with this old asymmetrical dress and Marie& Frisco bomber jacket. Of course, the heels were particularly chosen to bloom of chicness. They come from a new designer I've "tried on", namely Monique Lhuiller, and you can find them at Shopbop. The hairdo is inspired by Kim Kardashian as you probably had guessed. I think I'll just let you enjoy my outfit along with this AMAZING song - this girl is just simply WOW! Big thanks for my bff to make me discover such a cool voice <3

What I wore: - Urban Outfitters dress - Marie& Frisco bomber jacket ( find it her…

A Sunday morning …

Hi guys, I know it's not Sunday, but as you well know I went a few days in Romania and this last weekend was a beautiful one. I managed to visit the mountains and the biggest spa in Europe, in Bucharest. What can I say about Romania? It's a beautiful country with all forms of land - sea, hills, mountains and of course the Danube… I spent my last Saturday visiting the Bucegi mountains, admiring amazing landscapes and in the morning I took some great photos, taking advantage of the great soft light… If you're wondering about my bralettes, they come from Casa De Revelar which you can find on Instagram here. I totally love their intimate pieces…hope to try out more soon!

Love it?  I know it's something different from what you're used to, but I like sharing new things with you and as my love for lingerie is so big, I thought well, why not? Thank you for visiting the blog and I'll be back soon with a new outfit of the day post! Kisses, R.